Sleuthhound LLC
Honolulu, Hawaii

Date: Feb 17, 2011

...I hired 2 separate security companies to perform vulnerability assessments on my company’s web site. Offensive Logic was clearly the better choice! They were much more thorough...

As security becomes a major concern both in our nation and around the world, organizations are beginning to realize that simply deploying security appliances is not the panacea for true information security and risk management. Proactive Risk Management and security testing is critical when considering the proper steps to fully secure your network, applications (mobile, web) and wireless presence. As a CISO, CIO, or IT Manager, your main concern is the Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of your information assets, and the protection of your information systems and organizational reputation. As cyber security experts, our team will thoroughly examine your network security from an attacker’s perspective using the latest attacks, tools and proven methodologies.


Offensive Logic” means “Proactive Thinking”, which is the only way that you can effectively approach risk and vulnerability management, there is no other way! Employing patch management practices, firewalls, anti-virus and an intrusion detection system are great ways to begin to protect yourself, but definitely not enough. Having a “Proactive” mindset allows you to identify areas that may be of questionable integrity, and remediate issues that could leave you open to compromise. Offensive Logic is made up of a team of well seasoned security experts who have had extensive hands-on experience performing security services to a wide variety of organizations to include: Federal and State Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, Colleges and Universities, Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Medical Facilities, and International Organizations. There is no environment that is too difficult for our professionals, and no challenge we wouldn’t step up to.


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